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Facility Information & Analysis

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The Space Management Office collects and maintains UW-Madison facility information that is the spatial backbone for several campus business services. This information is used for:

  • The official source of all campus facilities or addresses.
  • Space assignments and room utilization reporting at campus, state, peer, and federal levels.
  • Facility support planning for ranging from utility usage to emergency planning.
  • Graphic representations of buildings by floor for maintenance and planning.



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2010 - 2017




UW-Madison Facility Changes - Last updated January 8, 2018

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Data ReportsGraphic reports

Classroom reports

Type of Information Contact Phone Email
Facility data summaries Liz Fredricks 263-3042 efredricks@fpm.wisc.edu
Graphics & floor plans Mari Lynn Haugh 265-4037 mhaugh@fpm.wisc.edu
Real estate Tammi Alexander 263-3043 talexander@fpm.wisc.edu
Leasing Danielle Erickson 890-1903  derickson@fpm.wisc.edu
Classroom remodeling Abe Schrump 262-4414 abraham.schrump@wisc.edu
Classroom technology Tom Wise 262-1584 twise@fpm.wisc.edu
A Note About Our Terminology Minimize

The Space Management Office keeps records of several types of facilities. A few definitions are worth noting.

FACILITY: The term "facility" is used on this site to refer to any real property owned or utilized by the UW-Madison. This includes buildings, monuments, real estate, leases, parking lots, and other locations need for business operation.

BUILDING: The term "building" is used specifically for building structures.


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