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Classroom Planning & Management

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At the UW-Madison there are two types of classrooms, general assignment and departmental. The Space Management Office Classroom Planning and Management team is responsible for the university's 370+ general assignment classrooms, including:

  • Renovation projects, both minor and major.
  • Maintenance and inventory issues.
  • Utilization data analysis.
  • Classroom technology installation and upgrades.
  • Multimedia maintenance and support.


To find out which classrooms are GA or assigned to a specific Department, contact the Space Management Office at (608)262-4414. For scheduling information, contact Office of the Registrar, Curricular Services.

Collaborative learning spaces

Collaborative Learning Classrooms (CLC) are available for instruction. Each CLC has teaching and learning pods (large tables with moveable seating).
  • 2301 Sterling Hall (Capacity 48) Six horseshoe tables each with seating for eight
  • 2425 Sterling Hall (Capacity 36) Six round tables each with seating for six
  • 3425 Sterling Hall (Capacity 36) Six round tables each with seating for six
  • 122 Ingraham (Capacity 48) Six horseshoe tables each with seating for eight
  • 212 Educational Sciences (Capacity 64) Eight horseshoe tables each with seating for eight
  • Each CLC has an instructor station equipped with a document camera, DVD Blu-ray player, VGA & HDMI pullout laptop cables and a control system to select various displays. A ceiling mounted video projector is also available to display pod monitor content or a separate image from the instructor station. There are fixed writing surfaces and portable marker boards per room.
  • Each CLC pod has a large flat screen monitor. Each pod is equipped with one VGA and one HDMI pullout cable for connection to a laptop which can be viewed on the pod monitor and, if desired, on all the other monitors and/or the ceiling projector. There is one wired internet pullout cable at each pod, multiple table top electrical outlets and wireless capability in all classrooms.
  • Instructors are required to have a passcode and key to use the presentation systems. If you have previously used a standard campus instructor station, your passcode and key will work. Otherwise, please visit: http://www2.fpm.wisc.edu/support/Tutorial/00100_introduction.html and complete the on-line tutorial to obtain a passcode and key.
Contact the Space Management Office with any CLC facility questions (262-4414) or CLC technology questions (262-1584).
A process for requesting and scheduling these CLCs has been developed. Please contact:  Edward McGlinn.


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Tom Wise at (608)262-1584 or twise@fpm.wisc.edu oversees the classroom modernization program involving classroom technology installation, upgrades, and maintenance and support issues. The website dedicated to helping faculty and staff use the multimedia equipment located in general assignment classrooms is www.fpm.wisc.edu/support.

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Kim Todd at (608)262-4414 or ktodd@fpm.wisc.edu oversees remodeling and renovation projects, maintenance and inventory issues, and classroom utilization reporting.


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