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Exisiting occupant information, with the exclusion of student help, was taken from HR data. In this system it identifies people that work in the space. 

If the name is now incorrect or no data is present, add or remove occupant(s) as necessary.

Occupancy data is required for all 250 - Research/Nonclass Lab and 255 - Research/Nonclass Lab Service spaces.

  • If student help is present in the space, select "Student-Help-1, -2, -3, ... from the Person list.  Enter any additional necessary information in the “Occupancy Comments” box.
  • If outside visitors or others not on the person list are present, enter the names of these individuals in the “Occupancy Comments” box.  Also, select "Non-UW-paid" from the Person list via department "A - Madison Departmental".
  • If you would like, you can add people to offices and other rooms, but it is not required for this survey.

Contact Liz Fredricks at elizabeth.fredricks@wisc.edu with questions.


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