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All spaces require functions. (See Function Definitions below)

For 250 - Research/Nonclass Labs and 255 - Research/Nonclass Lab Service spaces, functionalize based on the funding for activities and salaries in that space. (See PROJECTS)

If the existing function is now incorrect, make changes as appropriate.

  • If the space is temporarily vacant or in transition, make the function code Capable of Use.
  • If the space is under construction, make the function code Incapable of Use.
  • If there are graduate student desks in a space, deduct 1% for each desk from the total Research function percentage and include that percentage into the Departmental Research function.
  • Enter the function percentage as a whole number and ensure that the sum totals 100%.

Function Definitions  Contact Liz Fredricks in Space Management at elizabeth.fredricks@wisc.edu with any questions about these definitions.

Contact Don Akamatsu in RSP at dakamatsu@wisc.edu with questions regarding functionalization of research lab spaces with project funding.


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