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2005 Campus Master Plan Technical Report   

The 2005 Campus Master Plan is intended to be a dynamic guide for future campus growth, designating sites for immediate projects and providing a framework for future projects within the responsible carry capacity of this valued landscape. The master plan addresses both the location of buildings as well as the spaces created between buildings. By placing equal importance on both building and outdoor space, the plan sets a precedent that ensures the development of the campus will be in harmony with its natural environment, provide ample growth for programs and research, provide much needed outdoor gathering spaces, provide the necessary physical transportation connections across campus, and supply the necessary utility infrastructure to make it all prosper for future generations.

The following is the technical report that documents the entire 2005 Campus Master Plan process in detail. The reader is reminded that the master plan is a dynamic guide for future development that will change over time. It is not prescriptive and does not included details of specific projects, timelines or budgets. Project details are developed as part of the university’s biennial capital budget and a rolling horizon, six-year capital development plan approved by the Campus Planning Committee every two years.

If at any time you have questions about the Campus Master Plan, the projects it recommends or about any physical planning & development issue on campus, please contact the Director of Campus Planning at (608) 263-3023.


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~ 2005 Campus Master Plan