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Welcome to the SA Program website! 

In this site you will find all the latest information you need to work within the program.  This site also includes the latest forms, links to relevant sites, training information, and contact information.  

How to Log in

In order to view the entire site you will need a UW NET ID and password.  Click on the login button on on the upper righthand corner of this page.  This takes you to the first login screen.  When you go to the login screen, there will be two tabs right above where you enter your login information.  It will say "Standard" or "UW".  Entering your login information on this page will not work!  You must click Click the "UW" tab.  A new login screen will appear and you can enter the required info here.

Information on how to activate a UW NET ID can be obtained from the DoIT  helpdesk.  Once this is obtained you can log in by clicking on the "Log in" link in the upper right hand corner of this page.

 We hope that you will bookmark this site and that you will find this a very useful resource.  Over time this site will continue to evolve.  Please send any comments and suggestions to Rebecca Moritz (site administrator) at rmoritz@fpm.wisc.edu.